boc 3 form

What is a boc-3 & boc 3 filing for a transport company?

To maintain and obtain the authority given to the companies, they must submit boc 3 forms to the FMCSA.

According to Federal law, the identification of process agents is a prerequisite to obtaining the authority to conduct business with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the agency responsible for regulating truck operations within the United States.

This article will discuss the BOC-3 form and the different ways that transportation companies, including motor carriers, brokers, and freight forwarders who conduct every day-to-day, could be able to designate the Process Agents as well as an SOP.

What does BOC 3 stand for & BOC-3 meaning?

BOC refers to “Blanket of Coverage,” and BOC-3 is the document you have to submit to give the FMSCA the document. It proves that you are an agent for process in each state you operate. It’s a formal list of the organizations (usually companies, but sometimes individuals) who can be authorized to sign legal documents on behalf of you.

What is a BOC 3 form?

boc 3 form

The BOC3 form is the form you’ll need to fill in with the names and addresses of those legally authorized to receive documents for your business in the 50 states and the District of Columbia. While it was feasible to complete a paper BOC-3 form previously, most filings are done online.

What is a BOC-3 process agent (or FMCSA agent)?

If you run a transport company and are a transport company, you need to designate an agent of service or “FMCSA agent,” who lives in all states in which you conduct business.

An SOP agent, also known as a process agent, is, in essence, an entity or person chosen by your company that is authorized to obtain legal documents on the principal’s behalf. Process agents must be physically situated in each state where you are licensed to operate and accessible at the address you have designated during working hours.

After being designated, the process agent is authorized to accept the forward process and other legal documents. He will also accept court papers on behalf of your business to the state(s) where the agent is appointed. Service of operation is the distribution of documents, typically order or complaint. It is indicating that lawsuits have been filed against the defendant identified as the defendant and any subsequent actions that need to be executed.

What is BOC-3 filing?

BOC-3 filing (“Designation of Agents for Service of Process”) is a federally-registered application filed in the United States that assigns a process agent to accept legal documents for a transportation or logistics business in every country state where it is licensed to carry out business. A BOC-3 form is typically required before a transport or logistics company gets the authority to conduct business.

For motor carriers and process agents, only the process agents can submit the BOC-3, and the filing has to be done online. If you’re a broker or a freight forwarder who doesn’t use commercial vehicles, you can submit the BOC-3 yourself by filing the paper duplicate.

When you fill out your BOC-3 on the FMCSA website, be prepared to include the following information:

boc 3

  • Name and address of the transporter (or the broker, or freight forwarder)
  • The person who is authorized to sign, and the person’s title
  • Name of SOP agent and the address of the street for each state. These are listed in a separate listing or an overall designation. The blanket designation refers to identifying a single corporation or association in the file of the FMCSA. It will serve as the process agent of applicants for every state and District of Colombia.

How to Fill Out a BOC 3 Form? 

If you’re an motor vehicle and you’re a BOC-3 procedure agent(s) must complete the form(s) on your behalf. If you’re able to fill it on your own as well, or not. You’ll require the following details:

  • Address and name of the trucking company.
  • Name and address of individual who is authorized by the firm to act on its behalf
  • Address and name of the FMCSA BOC-3 process agent(s) for each state

How Much Does it Cost to File a BOC 3?

The cost of filing BOC-3 varies between agents dependent on the level of service you would like them to offer you. They can work with you solely for BOC-3 file, but decide to purchase additional services to make the life of an entrepreneur new to the business is much simpler. Given the complicated nature of FMCSA regulations It is recommended to seek the advice of an expert in particular as you start your business.

How do I File a BOC-3?

For filing your BOC-3 you’ll need to select the BOC-3 processing agent you want to use. Most times it’s the easiest to do this using the help of a “Blanket Legal Entity,” which is basically a business that is able to represent you across every state and let you run your business however you want. It’s also the most cost-effective method to get your business moving forward, as you won’t need to spend time looking for various BOC-3 representatives and paying their different fees.

We offer a quick and simple filing procedure here at Trinity3Logisitcs So if you’re looking to just fill in your details , then enjoy a relaxing time we’re here for you. We’re ready to manage all the paperwork for you so that you can concentrate on getting your business in operation.

To partner with us to work with us, click here, fill us in with the legal name of the carrier or MC number, as well as the DOT number (as relevant) Add the BOC-3 filing form to your cart , and then make sure to check out. Within less than 7 days, our team will complete your BOC-3 agent’s processing form, and you’ll shortly receive your documents.

Cost of an agent for BOC-3 price?

The cost for an agent BOC-3, should you choose to employ an experienced registered agent. It could be as low as 20 dollars or even more than $100 based upon the type of service you select (many SOP agents offer additional compliance services that go beyond BOC-3 filing).

Fee structures also differ. Most professional process agents offer an annual cost with additional costs for each document they handle, while some charge a one-time fee for BOC-3 files. Other expenses could include address change fees and fees for expedited BOC-3 filing (often demanded by companies seeking to get their business running fast).

What is the time it will take to complete the BOC-3 Form?

After the BOC-3 form has been completed correctly and submitted electronically to the FMCSA, They issue operating authorization and send the form to you. Usually, operating authority documents are given within 3 to 4 business days. If more than ten business days have been passed since the grant date and you haven’t yet received your operating authority documents, You can get in touch with FMCSA. FMCSA. You can also determine if your operating authority was granted through the FMCSA Licensing and Insurance website.

In some instances, like name changes, transfers of authority, and the reinstatement of the motor company’s operating management, your BOC-3 might have to be refiled.

The advantages of working with a blanket agent

Businesses can appoint a process agent for specific states or appoint a blanket agent that covers all states. Selecting a blanket agent could assist in consolidating your business’s FMCSA obligations. The agent is BOC-3’s blanket process agent for each state you are operating. It is simpler to track notifications when they originate from a single agent. You also get prompt information when any regulatory changes occur. It can help mitigate the potential penalty, such as losing good standing if you do not comply with FMCSA.

If you select an agent for blanket processes, you have to choose the agent on the List approved by FMCSA blanket process companies.

Can I be an agent of my own?

You can be the processing agency for yourself in your home state. You must provide a physical address from which service of process can be delivered during working hours.

How to choose the correct agent for your process?

When choosing a Registered Agent service supplier, select a certified professional. He should be in the field of processing processes in the transportation industry. They can provide timely and secure processing of official documents. There are many options to choose from, but try to choose a reliable service provider. He goes above and beyond the legal requirements and offers tools and alerts. It ensures you comply with essential compliance obligations with no additional fees.

It’s also important to have agents accessible during all business hours. They should be with a private address that guards your privacy while keeping the process servers from your company.

Additionally, it would help if you looked into additional services like annual report filings. It is to ensure that your documents are timely and accurate in the state in which they are due.

Common FAQs Related To BOC-3


The process of filling out your BOC-3 form isn’t expensive.


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires that an agent to the process must complete the BOC-3 to the benefit of motor businesses. We employ you, and we file electronically for you.


Process agents are the person or business that provide the processing to clients within the state in which they are located. They are able to provide protection within the state in which they reside.

A blanket agent has a branch in every state. They serve every state in the country.


Blank agents who meet the requirements need to be registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Blanket agents have an inventory of process agents’ offices they use in every state across the United States. Only Blanket Agency with a commercial office is focused on obtaining legal documents on behalf of you and providing you with scans of your notices as well as various other papers in real time. We can scan locally all your documents on your behalf, then upload them to our secure portal online. We then transmit them immediately to you. Our company is the best and most effective blanket agent on the market.


Any adult that is a resident or working in the state where they have been assigned. A state official may be appointed but only after proof of their intent to be appointed is presented at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and then accepted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.



Yes. It is legally required to copy this form BOC-3 at your primary office or at your business and also in your vehicle. We provide you with an electronically-generated copy of the form BOC-3 along the blanket agent as well as processing agent information when you place an order.



Internationally-based commerce businesses must carry insurance in each state that they conduct business in. They are identified as BOC-3.The most difficult part of this matter is the definition that is meant by “interstate commerce,” for it’s a broad term as it’s an expansive definition. According to the FMCSA that if your vehicle and passengers travel across an official border, or are destined to cross state boundaries and borders, then you’re engaging in interstate commerce.
Thus, you must be aware that passengers and cargo you transport come of your own state, and they are prepared to remain in that state.

This rule can be illustrated by:

“The city bus which is located in the region is not associated in interstate trade (unless it crosses state borders in the course of its regular business)”

A Greyhound bus in the same town because of the nature of its passengers is considered to be engaged in trade between states. If your operations and the passengers or cargo are located within the state, you’ll need to check with the state in question to find out the requirements for registration. There’s no requirement to sign up with the FMCSA However, many states require that companies disclose their operations to the relevant state officials.



You need to change your blank agent as well as process the information if you change agents, or your agent quits.BOC-3 forms aren’t required to be filed with your annual update.


Yes. You’ll need to select the new representative in 30 calendar days after the date of the change.



No. If you change your company’s name or alter your business address or the business contact information, The law requires you to inform your blanket agent or process and notify them of the changes. It is required to notify them within 30 days of the date of the change.

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