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MC Number Requirements & Cost: A Guide

What is the MC number meaning?

An MC number (Motor Carrier number) is also an interstate operating authorization and unique identifier assigned by FMCSA to moving companies. These are operating within interstate commerce, in other words, transporting cargo across states. While all interstate movers must carry and display the MC DOT number for their commercial vehicles, not all moving firms require an MC number. What’s the distinction between DOT MC Numbers? The kinds of movers needed to be able to obtain these numbers.

In addition to having the DOT number, the operator has the Authority to decide what type of business your trucking firm is operating and the cargo it could transport. We can assist you by providing a variety of options MC operating authorities, as listed below:

  • Motor Carrier of Household Goods (Movers)
  • Motor Carrier of Property (Other than Household Goods)
  • Broker of household goods
  • Broker of Real Estate (Other than Household Goods)
  • Enterprise Carrier of International Cargo (Except household Goods)
  • Enterprise Carrier of International Household Goods
  • Other Authorities of Different Types

Motor passenger transporters (interstate) will also require an MC number to operate legally. However, intrastate and for-hire operators who haul only exempt commodities and private carriers who transport their cargo aren’t legally required to carry an MC number. We concentrate on finding an MC number for trucking companies.

Who requires MC authority certificate?

In general, businesses who perform the following activities must obtain the interstate Operating Authority (MC number) and a DOT number.

  • Transportation of federally-regulated products owned by other people or in arranging their transportation (for a fee or other compensation for interstate commerce)
  • Transportation passengers who involve in interstate commerce (for an amount or any other compensation, indirect or direct)

FMCSA operating authorities are typically known by the “MC,” “FF,” or “MX” number, based on the authority given. Contrary to the USDOT Number application process, an organization may have to apply for multiple operating authorizations to carry out its planned business activities. Operation Authority dictates the type of business a company can operate and the goods it will transport.

Who doesn’t require Authority?

It determines the degree of financial or insurance responsibility that a business must meet. Companies that don’t require having operating authority are:

  • Private carriers (carriers that carry the cargo they own)
  • “For-hire” transporters that only transport exempt commodities (cargo that isn’t federally controlled)
  • Carriers operate solely within a federally-designated “commercial zone” that is exempt from the interstate authority rules.

 A commercial zone is, for example, a geographic territory that includes multiple states bordering on a major metropolitan city, such as Virginia/Maryland/Washington, DC.

The types of Authority

It is important to note that the type(s) of Operating Authority requested will impact the kind and amount of insurance mandated by FMCSA. Therefore, you must select that type(s) of Operating Authority relevant to the company. FMCSA authority will not reimburse application fees.

MC number insurance requirements:

Unified Registration System (first-time applicants)

mc number

The persons, who are first-time applicants, never registered with FMCSA before. MC will not approve or made active unless proper insurance and BOC-3 are one file.

Many get stuck here because they don’t have the down payment cost for insurance.

After 110 days, if proper insurance and BOC3 are not on file with FMCSA, your application will be dismissed. Once you have the proper filings, you can request an dismissal from FMCSA.

Moreover, the USDOT number registered persons or having additional Authority can apply for FMCSA mc number with a credit card.

What time will the process of the mc number take?

  • URS Applications (new applicant only) could take 1 hour or less by visiting trinity 3 logistics. It all depends on the agency, and in some cases, it could take more time.
  • US Mail application to carriers (existing carriers) could take between 45 and 60 days for processing.

How does it take for my mc number to be active?

Once you’ve filed your number to allow trucking, it will take two weeks for the authority to the truck to get activate. In that time, we aid you in getting insurance, satisfying the requirements for alcohol and drugs, and getting any other required permit for transporting. Moreover, the mc number example is the same as the dot number.

After you’ve completed the form to obtain MC and USDOT numbers, it will take at least 21 calendar days for your authority to be active. 

Mc number cost

The cost for each Operating Authority is a one-time fee of $300. You must submit separate filing fees with the application 

Why Choose Trinity3Logistics?

There are several steps to obtaining an MC number for your trucking business. We can help you navigate the entire process, assist you with the application process, and ensure you get the number in a fast and hassle-free manner.

Not sure how to get MC number? contact us today.

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