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If this does not occur, they will likely look to another financial institution. At Maxima Consulting, our core competencies revolve around the current requirements of the financial

dot number cost
DOT & MC Number

DOT number cost: How do you get one?

Getting a dot number is not only a necessity when operating a motor carrier in the United States, it is also proof of financial responsibility.

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mc number
DOT & MC Number

MC Number Requirements & Cost: A Guide

What is the MC number meaning? An MC number (Motor Carrier number) is also an interstate operating authorization and unique identifier assigned by FMCSA to

owner operatorsa
Owner Operator

How To Be A Successful Owner Operator

If you’re considering becoming an owner operator in the business of trucking there are many points to consider. Almost all truck drivers, no matter if


Top 6 ELD Exemptions

What Is ELD? Before we jump into eld exemptions, we need to know what eld trucking actually is in the trucking business. Hopefully you have


What is an ELD? Things to Know

What is ELD? Its Department of Transportation (DOT) required electronic hardware utilized in commercial trucking to provide an efficient and easy method to keep HOS